JERRY DESMONDE (1908 - 1967)

Desmonde (real name James Robert Sadler) was born in Middlesbrough and spent his childhood there. At the age of ten, he left the town with his parents, who were on the stage, and became part of the Sadler Elsie Four which toured the halls in Newcastle, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Leeds and many other cities.
It was in the late summer of 1942 that Desmonde met Sid Field, one of the great English comics, in London. Desmonde had been asked if he would like to be Sid's feed. Thus the pair became one of the most celebrated comic teams ever to appear on the variety stage. Their famous golfing sketch is still repeated on radio and television. Desmonde's easy nonchalance and distinguished features made him the ideal straight man to Field's clowning. The meeting changed Desmonde's life; he and Field stayed together for five years in three very successful reviews and two films London Town (1946) and The Cardboard Cavalier (1948).
After settling down in London after the war, Desmonde worked in radio and television. he introduced the popular Housewive's Choice on radio and appeared on What's My Line on television, where his habitual intent expression gave an individual weight to his performance.