Myers Literary Guide:
The North-East

JOSEPH CRAWHALL (1821 - 1896)

The second Joseph Crawhall, son of the first, was born at West House, Newcastle. Like his father, whose factory he joined, he was greatly interested in writing and water-colour painting, producing a number of books illustrated by himself. The first of these, printed by himself in 1859, was entitled The Compleatest Angling Booke That Ever was Writ. The second edition of 1881 carried drawings by his son, the third Joseph Crawhall and James Guthrie (1859-1930) later a member of the Glasgow School and one of the most famous Scottish painters.

Crawhall was a close friend of Charles Keene (1823-91) the famous illustrator of Punch, and collaborated with him on more than 200 drawings for the humorous journal. He sent sketches to Keene with amusing comments, and Keene re-drew them for use in Punch. There are 21 albums of these drawings in Glasgow art Gallery, and Adrian Bury, who wrote on the third Joseph Crawhall, describes them as showing an inexhaustible sense of fun, characterisation, of human types of all classes, and adequate feeling for composition.' Keene constantly affirmed his indebtedness to Crawhall in letters written over many years.

Crawhall became secretary of the Newcastle Arts Association in 1880. His brother George Edward and sister Mary also showed artistic talent. Another sister, Jane Anne, was the mother of Abel Chapman, the naturalist writer and artist.

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